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Increasing Mental Health Assistance in Schools

mental health assistance schools

Imagine sitting in a classroom unable to concentrate on your work. You don’t want to bang your pencil on your desk, but you are doing it. Then you are told to stop it and get to work. Your reaction is to scream no and rip up your paper. You act out because you are upset, but the truth is that you don’t know what is going on. This is the reality for many children in schools throughout the United States. The National Institute of Mental Health recently noted that one in five kids in our country has or has had a debilitating mental health disorder. At any given time, a classroom will have children who are unaware that they have ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, or another mental health disorder.

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Exploring Culinary Therapy

culinary therapy

There are some people who may find cooking to be a daily chore that stresses them. At the same time, others not only enjoy preparing food, but feel it is therapeutic. Research has shown that these individuals are wise in noting therapeutic benefits. Culinary therapy is becoming more popular all over the country, including in our schools. What is culinary therapy, you ask? It is a form of therapy which includes cooking and related activities like gardening, meal planning, educational grocery shopping, and experience in restaurants. Programs are run by chefs and/or therapists.

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Are Schools Doing Enough for Special Needs Students?

special needs students

When working with special needs students, it is important to be in communication with their families. Together you make up a team who will work on making sure the individual child has the resources that they need to be successful in school and beyond. Of course, it is not always this simple. The problem stems from one question. How does one determine what is the proper amount of support for a student with special needs?

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Welcoming All Students to Therapy

welcome students to therapy

Imagine going to a group therapy session at school and feeling alone. This may be the way that some students perceive their participation in the group. Why? For some, it may be that they are ethnically unique. Others may be from another country and not comfortable speaking English. Some other students may have a different gender identity or have special needs. Any, all, or other factors could make a tween or teen feel out of place when they are asked to participate in a group therapy session.

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The Power of Presentation – Educator Spotlight

braille presentation

When our educators and therapists have a true passion for their field, it shows! These passionate professionals are frequently recognized at work, and occasionally encouraged to share knowledge with others. One of our phenomenal teachers of the visually impaired, Barbara T., was recently asked to do just this – share her knowledge of her field in several class presentations. Her school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) coordinator, Jennifer D., was more than willing to share her observation of Barbara's presentation, along with student and teacher reactions.

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