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Behavioral therapy is an ever-changing field. Improved therapy methods and other industry news are always being released. These blogs and articles are an excellent resource that will keep you up to date and informed on everything related to behavioral therapy.

character education

Working on Behavior with Character Education

A growing problem in schools across the country is misbehavior within classrooms. This used to be predominately a concern at the middle school and high school level. Now, elementary schools are searching for ways to work on problem behaviors. It is no longer acceptable to write up a student and give them detention. All of a child’s needs must be addressed, and it’s crucial to look at what may be causing the behaviors. This means being proactive. Schools need to implement programs which will assist students in identifying what is bothering them before they act out.

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adhd support

Helping Students with ADHD

Students who have attention troubles are nothing new in schools across the country. The fact that some children have difficulty in school has always been a part of the educational world. What's new is an increased number of students who have an official ADHD diagnosis. While some families may not share this information with teachers and their district, many choose to put 504 Plans into action and seek additional supports that may be needed in the classroom.

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autistic students overload

Learning How to Assist Autistic Students in Overload

Chances are that you know a student who is on the autism spectrum. Each individual with autism is very different, and this fact is very important. It truly takes time for school professionals to understand how each autistic student works in the classroom and responds to overload. This is a crucial area to understand because when an individual with autism is in overload, they often may not know how to help themselves. Sometimes this may cause them to have a meltdown, become aggressive, and even turn to self-injury.

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autism therapy

The Cost and Path to Autism Therapy

When a child is diagnosed with autism, it can leave parents feeling overwhelmed. They initially need to learn what this means for their own child. After this, they must share the news with family and friends. At the same time, many will begin to advocate for their child's needs. For many parents, this is a confusing time that can make them feel overwhelmed. Depending on the age of their child, they may not know where to go for assistance.

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Autism Awareness Month Feature: My Son Has Autism

Autism Awareness Month is soon to wrap up. As we approach the month of May, we hope to continue spreading awareness about this often misunderstood condition. The autism spectrum is vast and it can be difficult to truly understand everyone who identifies as autistic. But understanding even just one person on the spectrum... that can be a difference-maker. That's why we set out to talk to people whose lives have been changed by autism. Today, we are interviewing Angel whose son was diagnosed with autism at age 4.

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