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Behavioral therapy is an ever-changing field. Improved therapy methods and other industry news are always being released. These blogs and articles are an excellent resource that will keep you up to date and informed on everything related to behavioral therapy.

classroom based autism therapy

Classroom Based Autism Therapy

April is Autism Awareness month. This time of year reminds us of the need to find therapy options that work for all of our autistic students. Each child is different and some therapy approaches that work for one student may not work for another. Often times, therapists find a model that works well, but when combined with another therapy, shows even greater potential. Children living with autism often go though many different types of therapies from the time they are toddlers and beyond. Much of it works on social skills, sensory integration, and speech.

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Changes in Early Autism Education

Schools across the country are seeing more autistic students within their classrooms. The increase in children that have a diagnosis within autism spectrum is not new, but it requires schools to focus on this growing population of their students. This also means that educators and therapists are trying to balance time to reach all of the students that need their support.

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Autistic High School Seniors Need Help Transitioning with Few Services Available

  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 68 children are diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. While in school, autistic children are eligible for many different kinds of supports. From early elementary school into high school, their team advocates to make sure they receive therapies, services, and whatever else they need to navigate the educational world. What many do not realize is that, at 21, you age out of the school system.

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Providing Behavioral Therapy at School

Research from a 2013 study by the National Alliance on Mental Illness showed that 13% of children 8 to 15 years old had been diagnosed with a mental illness. Of those kids, only 20% actually received mental health services that they needed. Many schools are now working on plans to assist students to get behavioral therapy that they need. If a child is identified, some districts are incorporating behavior therapists into their buildings. Studies show that the earlier children receive therapy, the better the benefits may be.  

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Checkmate: Using Chess for Behavioral Therapy

Play therapy has been used to work with a wide variety of students that have behavioral concerns. Therapists utilize this strategy to get to know children, gain trust, and assist them. A much more specific type of game play is being highlighted with the use of chess. The strategies used within learning this game help many individuals to improve their behavior.

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