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The Importance of School Counselors after a Violent Crime

The role of school counselors has changed over the years. They are still there for the day to day needs of the students that they work with individually and within classrooms. In addition to this, they take on much more when a crisis comes to their community.

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Special Education Students Can Benefit From Music Therapy Programs

Music therapy can provide countless benefits for students with special needs. Learning through play is a crucial building block in any student's education, and music education and therapy can provide an outlet for energy that is both fun and creative.

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Using Educational Game Apps in Special Education and Other School Settings

Using games as educational tools is far from a new trend. Within the last few years, educational technology has exploded. From app development to games being turned on their head and re-purposed for an educational setting, the gaming and educational world has collided in an outpouring of opportunity. Some say that games are not educational, especially those of the digital variety. Research has proven that video games can improve students' social skills, puzzle solving capabilities, and their critical thinking capacity. This can be especially helpful with special education students, as more and more students are having supportive technology included in their IEPs and 504 plans. Teaching students through gaming can be a way to bridge the gap between educator and student, while allowing students to have fun at the same time.

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