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The primary goal of an occupational therapist in a school setting is to assess a child’s ability to perform meaningful activities and intervene where necessary. Occupational therapists can find a series of articles on this page that will help them develop their careers and also provide them with the latest in industry news and therapy methods.


More Students Now Getting Cochlear Implants

Medical advances are changing the way that children with severe to profound hearing loss are able to participate in classrooms. The FDA started to allow children as young as a year old to receive cochlear implants in 2000. This created a shift in learning models for preschools of deaf students. In addition to this, teachers had to be more aware of how to assist the increasing number of students that were mainstreamed.

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Schools Nationwide See Increase in OT Student Needs

Many people are unaware of the different roles that an occupational therapist takes on for children in school. In the past, much of their time was spent helping students with fine motor tasks like handwriting. These days, their responsibilities have changed drastically, thanks to the increase in special needs students and demand for their special training. 

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Occupational Therapist Finds out Firsthand How Hard it is to Sit Still at School

Adults often forget what it is like to be in school and sit during classes. How long are you able to sit still, listen attentively, and stay on task? The reality is that you may never know, because when we are working, we have more freedom to move around. Students within a classroom must stay at their desks and cannot move around much during lessons. Thanks to pediatric occupational therapist Angela Hanscom, many are now realizing just how much we are asking of kids each and every day of their academic careers.

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special needs video games

How to Use Technology to Bring Out the Best in Your OT Students

Occupational therapy can be daunting for any student. They often come into an OT situation frustrated and unwilling to accept help. Students with disabilities tend to be sensitive about their limitations, which can make therapy a challenge. Structuring an educational environment to allow for student success is critical to ensuring that students have a successful experience. Identifying ways to help students improve their skills while still having fun is just one example of how to help students in a classroom setting. Gamification is the process by which video games and educational goals can merge, creating a new way to teach students or help them focus on skills which need improving.

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OTs Find Niche in Schools

While it is clear that occupational therapists are a vital part of life for many different professions, they are an especially critical part of the educational system. Occupational therapy is vital for the success of those students who have other obstacles with the potential to limit their success in school. Occupational therapists help to ensure that all students are equipped with the right tools for their educational success in grades K-12.

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