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School Counselor

How to Become a School Counselor: Role, Degree Requirements & Salary

We may remember our own school counselors as people who we only saw when we were applying to colleges or trade schools. But today, advancing educational and mental health sciences mean that school counselors play a transformative role in students’ academic and emotional success. Today’s school counselors provide academic analyses and recommendations and emotional education and support.

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Educational Diagnostician

What is an Educational Diagnostician? Job Role, Salary & More

Educational diagnosticians are superheroes for schools and children with special needs. They are the expert in the room when it comes to learning disability, teaching methods, and academic testing requirements. Educational diagnosticians can help any school - and any student - to excel by diagnosing learning delays, finding strategies to customize educational plans for the students, monitoring the students’ progress to see if the plan is working, and finding relevant accommodations such as extra time on standardized tests allowed under the Americans with Disabilities Act. At ProCare Therapy, we help schools find qualified educational diagnosticians that are right for their work environment. We also help current and aspiring educational diagnosticians to find jobs and contracts that are perfect for them.

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Cognitive Flexibility Game

What is Cognitive Flexibility?

Working with children can be a challenge. There may be times within the school day when students need to transition, whether physically or from one task to another. When it is time to transition to a writing lesson after recess, many kids may be upset with the disruption. Of course, most children will be able to make the move back into the classroom and get to their writing. Practicing this from week to week makes it easier for the majority of kids. When you practice this with your students you are actually improving their cognitive flexibility.

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Healthcare – Skills Checklist

These skills assessments are designed to determine your level of competency in the areas listed below. By completing the checklist to the best of your ability, you will help us match your skills and areas of interest with our available assignments. Please indicate your appropriate level for each category.

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6 Benefits of Working From Home as a School Professional

Working from home is a growing trend for workers in the United States, including educational professionals. While making the move from a brick and mortar classroom to an online platform from home may take time and adjustment, working as an online educator from home offers many benefits for both you and your students. Let’s look at six of the key benefits of working from home offers school professionals and how ProCare Therapy can help you make the transition to online education.

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