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Children at recess

Why Recess Is Important For Children

For many children, recess is the most important part of their day. The easiest way to upset a student is to take their recess away from them. While children may seem overly enamored with their beloved recess, there is overwhelming science that supports the importance of recess in a school. Read on and find out the plethora of benefits that recess has for children.

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What is the Difference Between Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy?

Occupational therapy and physical therapy are often confused because both are methods of treating disease, injury or disability that do not involve medication. What do physical therapists do? They help improve patients' quality of life by prescribing certain exercises and providing hands-on care and patient education. For each patient, a physical therapist develops a treatment plan that helps them prevent injuries or manage their conditions, helping them to move better, reduce pain and restore function.  What do occupational therapists do? They help people improve their ability to accomplish daily activities through exercises, environmental changes, and customized interventions. With each patient, an occupational therapist provides an evaluation to determine goals, then develops an intervention plan to help the person improve their ability to perform daily activities and meet their goals. 

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The Pros and Cons of Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are a hot topic in the world of education. Many schools have them now and others are curious if it is something which would help their students. When determining what to do, it is important to factor in a lot of things. As with other forms of therapy and services, there are pros and cons to these canine companions. Being able to research both sides and knowing possible outcomes will help with the process.

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school social worker

The Importance of Social Workers in Schools

If you ask someone what a social worker's job is within a school, they may not be able to fully answer the question. The fact is that the role of the school social worker has changed drastically in the last decade or two, In the past, there may have been a shared social worker that went to a variety of schools within a district. Now, more schools see the need to have their own dedicated social worker on hand for the entire school day. In some areas, one social worker is not enough for the student population and they may need to hire additional contracted clinicians. Social services in education has become an important asset to the entire school community.

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School counselor holding pictures during meeting with young patient with autism

School Social Worker vs School Counselor: What’s the Difference?

The roles of school social workers and school counselors are often confused, and they do overlap some. Both school counselors and school social workers are professionals who provide support for students' education, but each one has a distinct primary focus.

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