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Utilizing Sensory Therapy in Schools

sensory therapy

If you walk into any classroom, chances are you will see at least several students struggling with one thing. Why are they having difficulties? Many are unable to focus on their work and sit still in their seats. While many may rush to judge and say that they have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), it may be something else. There are newer therapies which can be used with students who struggle in this area.

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Protecting Students from Sexual Harassment and Assault

protect students from sexual harassment

Schools are supposed to be safe havens for students of all ages. Unfortunately for some, they have become places where they are sexually harassed and assaulted. The #MeToo social media campaign for women included many incidences from current and former students who have been victimized in a school setting. The purpose of the #MeToo campaign is to empower women and remind them that they should not be embarrassed to share their stories. Many adults noted that they still felt guilty about not reporting the events when they happened. They worry that they gave more power to their perpetrator to hurt additional victims.

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Helping Children Understand Lockdown Drills

school lockdown

The world that we live in is changing each and every day. Lockdown drills are something which we may not have practiced a decade ago. With the increase in school shootings and general violence, districts have had to react. Lockdown drills are back and a reality in most schools throughout the United States. The reaction is not meant to scare children, but to prepare and protect them in the event of an emergency.

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Reaching Students in Need

supporting students in need

One day a child may be thriving at school – and then something suddenly happens. Teachers and other adults in schools are often faced with situations where behaviors or more change with a child and they are unsure of the cause. No matter what the cause, is it is important to reach out to all children and families to see how you can help. When a child is hurting from a traumatic event in their life, it impacts their ability to stay focused on academics.

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Friendship Programs Beneficial for Teens

teen disability programs

The teenage years are often a challenging time for students. Teens are trying to find their own way in the world. They are gaining independence and determining what they may want to do with life. At the same time, they are put into social situations where many may be pushed to the side and left out. This is what happens to a lot of special needs teens. Special needs teens have the same friendship desires as their peers. The problem for some is they may not be able to go to social venues like regular physical education class, sporting events, and more. To assist with this some schools are turning to buddy programs.

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