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Occupational Therapist Finds out Firsthand How Hard it is to Sit Still at School

Adults often forget what it is like to be in school and sit during classes. How long are you able to sit still, listen attentively, and stay on task? The reality is that you may never know, because when we are working, we have more freedom to move around. Students within a classroom must stay at their desks and cannot move around much during lessons. Thanks to pediatric occupational therapist Angela Hanscom, many are now realizing just how much we are asking of kids each and every day of their academic careers.

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Grant Money Can Fill in the School Therapy Budget Blanks

Schools all around the country are constantly looking to save money. Budget cuts across the board often mean districts and individual schools must figure out ways to cut spending. When cuts are made to school budgets, administration and staff members must get creative because the therapy needs of children do not change. The reality is that more students are always getting recommended for support.

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What Kind of Physical Therapy Equipment Do You Have for Your Student Athletes?

Physical therapists within school districts often work with the athletic departments to assist students. One way they do this is to help the physical education teachers to have safe plans for injured athletes to get back into gym classes. They work with the medical information provided to them from the child's doctor to come up with ways that they may increase their physical activities. They must work carefully so that re-injury does not occur while the students are strengthening their bodies after time away.

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Just Like Riding a Bicycle: How Bikes Can Help OT and Other Therapy Needs

Kids want to be just like their peers. For many children, riding a bike is often a very difficult task and may seem daunting or impossible for them. Working on bike riding may be beneficial for not only occupational therapy, but other therapy needs as well.

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Gardening Activities Provide Multiple Therapeutic Benefits to Students

Most people that have their own garden will tell you it has a calming effect on them. They may also mention other benefits that the garden has presented. Gardens allow individuals to be active, to keep their body moving, and to socialize with others that share this passion.

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