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What is Your School’s Policy During Cold and Flu Season?

The fall and winter months mean that more and more students will start to battle different illnesses. Some may simply have a cold, while others may have something more serious like strep or the flu. It is not always easy to identify when a younger child is getting ill until they have a fever or other symptoms.

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Checkmate: Using Chess for Behavioral Therapy

Play therapy has been used to work with a wide variety of students that have behavioral concerns. Therapists utilize this strategy to get to know children, gain trust, and assist them. A much more specific type of game play is being highlighted with the use of chess. The strategies used within learning this game help many individuals to improve their behavior.

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Consider Recommending Books to High School Students for Therapy Purposes

The teen years are a tough time for many students. Not only are they dealing with social and emotional concerns, they are gearing up to become adults and make big decisions for their life. Of course, some teens also have other problems happening in their life. Depression, anxiety, self-injury, abuse, and other factors may be a reality for them. These are hard topics for an adult to understand, no less a teenager. While it may be helpful for them to talk to someone, many teens may not be comfortable going to traditional therapy sessions with adults while in school.

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The Shocking Truth – Would Your School Ever Try This?

When working with special needs students, there are a lot of behaviors that you must adjust classroom activities around. What many may forget about are the students that practice self-injury. For whatever reason, some individuals may cut themselves, pull out their hair, bang their heads on hard surfaces, or something else injures them. Self-injury may be very hard to manage with some children that are on the autism spectrum or have another developmental disability. For some of these children, they are dangerous to themselves and others around them.

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Educating School Coaches About the Treatment of Sports Injuries

As the school year gets back into the swing of things, student athletes are also heading back to the field. Many of the students play different sports throughout the year, but all work on honing in on their skills and playing safe.

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