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Additional Help for Students with Knee Injuries

knee injuries

Knee injuries are quite common among students in schools. Many of these happen while participating in sports like soccer, football, track, wrestling, and others. While these injuries may happen on the field, the impact continues throughout the day. If a student is in pain, has limited mobility, or is unable to participate in physical education classes with their peers, it can weigh on their lives. Twisting a knee during an activity can change their life in ways that they may not understand. It is important to be open to listening to these teens and hearing how an injury has altered their life. Help them get any frustrations about the injury out.

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Focus on Motor Skills with Students with Disabilities

motor skills students disabilities

Participating in sports is a dream that many children have. Unfortunately, some children with disabilities are unable to get involved in some sports because of motor deficits. While early intervention and services will help many children, it does not fix everything for many children. Students of all ages may continue to receive physical and occupational therapy sessions within the school day. This time allows them to work on skills that are needed to help them be safe and do work within an academic day.

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Physical Therapy May Help Constipation Concerns in Children

constipation in children

We often forget about other factors that may come into play in the academic environment. Early on, preschool teachers watch as young children begin and progress with toilet training. This milestone is a difficult process for many children. While some kids pick up going to the bathroom easily, others struggle with it for multiple reasons. Defecating, in particular, can cause many young children to stress because they don't feel comfortable on adult toilets. Other children are sensitive to public restrooms, which include those in a school setting. Thanks to this, they may avoid going to the bathroom altogether. After some time, what is known as functional constipation becomes an issue for some of these kids.

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Therapist Turnover a Growing Concern in Schools


Schools across the country are faced with an increased number of students who require one or more forms of therapy within the academic day. Some students need someone to talk to because of stresses and life trauma. Other children may require assistance with fine or gross motor concerns and require the assistance of an occupational or physical therapist. A variety of speech and language concerns mean that kids of all ages may need to work with a speech language pathologist. All of these professionals are needed not only within a school district, but consistently within a building to work with individuals on a regular basis.

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Preventing Student Athlete Concussions and More

student athlete

Gone are the days when student athletes would be allowed to get back on the field and play with an injury. Of course, injuries are not always obvious. When a student breaks their leg or cuts their arm, they may walk different and you might see blood from a wound. The problem remains with head injuries that you may not be aware of. Student athletes are susceptible to concussions and more. In the past, coaches and school nurses may have allowed a child to get back on the field to finish the game after an injury. These days, the protocol is a lot different. All schools have specific ways that they check for concussions. The awareness and treatment of potential head injuries is due to a proactive approach across the country.

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