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Recruiter Spotlight – Briana Harton

I started at ProCare Therapy almost three years ago, after working at the Coach Retail store. When I left that position I wasn’t quite sure what the next adventure would be and then I had a close friend reach out seeing if I would be interested in ProCare Therapy. I packed up my bags to leave behind my one red light hometown of Reidsville, GA.

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Recruiter Spotlight – Ansun Sayavong

Before ProCare, I was hopping around from job to job trying to find a career that would match my abilities to work hard and get results with it. In the span of one year, I was at about 2 different jobs. From working as an insurance agent to an IT recruiter before making ProCare my official home.

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Recruiter of the Quarter – Tom Chapman

I became a member of the ProCare family in April 2012 with the desire of giving client and candidates the true meaning of excellent service! In my employment background, I gained experience and a true passion with working and developing relationships with people where I could solidify a foundation of trust, morals and hard work.

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Recruiter of the Quarter – Whitney Baird

Whitney began her journey with ProCare Therapy in 2009 after she moved to Atlanta, GA, from Denver, where she lived after graduating from Colorado State University.

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Recruiter of the Quarter – Stephanie McDaniel

Stephanie began her career with ProCare Therapy in early 2009.

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