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Recruiter Spotlight – Ansun Sayavong

Before ProCare, I was hopping around from job to job trying to find a career that would match my abilities to work hard and get results with it. In the span of one year, I was at about 2 different jobs. From working as an insurance agent to an IT recruiter before making ProCare my official home.

I eventually interviewed with ProCare Therapy in February of 2016 and about a week later, was offered an account executive position and here I am – 3  years later. My only advice is that instead of trying to find what is right for you, let things fall into place and you will know what is right for you. I had to learn that the hard way before I came here and I am glad I made the decision to become part of the ProCare family.

Working with ProCare Therapy has been a life changing experience. From personal to professional, ProCare has provided growth mentally and physically in terms of being able to build relationships and businesses with clients and inner office colleagues. ProCare is now a second family to me and I can’t to see what else is in store in the years ahead!

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  1. I am a 2 year retired learning and behavior specialist who misses the challenges of helping children realize their ability to control the outcome of a situation. Reading Ansun Sayavong comments was refreshing. I am a collaborative person and always look for ways to enhance the learning process. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on how I could be an asset to the Procare family.

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