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Friendship Programs Beneficial for Teens

teen disability programs

The teenage years are often a challenging time for students. Teens are trying to find their own way in the world. They are gaining independence and determining what they may want to do with life. At the same time, they are put into social situations where many may be pushed to the side and left out. This is what happens to a lot of special needs teens. Special needs teens have the same friendship desires as their peers. The problem for some is they may not be able to go to social venues like regular physical education class, sporting events, and more. To assist with this some schools are turning to buddy programs.

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Backpacks to Help Hungry Children

backpacks for hungry kids

Imagine being a young child in school and having to worry about your next meal. This is the reality for countless children living in poverty in the United States. Breakfast and lunch at school may be the only meals which some students can count on each day. Dinners during the week may be served, but what about the weekend? Schools that are in areas with high poverty have found that some children do not have food on the weekend. This has spurred some districts to begin backpack food programs.

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School Therapists’ Role After Natural Disasters

kids natural disasters

Natural disasters happen, but in recent months they seem to be in the news a lot more. Whether you are talking about fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, or something else, they impact children in our schools. Kids across the country are living through these events and others have family members who may be dealing with the destruction. School therapists must be ready, willing, and able to reach out to kids to talk about this tough topic.

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Extracurricular Activities for Deaf High School Students

high school deaf students

The high school years are often challenging for students. They are attempting to find their own place in the world and may not know what they want to do after graduation. Some teens are able to hone in on activities which are interesting and make them happy through extracurricular opportunities. These may be after school sports or clubs. Most schools offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities ranging from writing for the newspaper, acting, art, robotics, foreign languages, and more. This is great for most teens, but what about those with special needs?

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Allergy Therapy for Students

kids allergies

Schools across the country are seeing an increase in students who have life-threatening allergies. This means that school nurses and other educational professionals must be aware of what allergies kids in their classes have at any given day. Often, schools have a no-food policy in the classroom to combat nut and other food sensitivities. In addition to this, many school cafeterias have a peanut-free and tree nut-free table area.

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