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13 reasons why

Talking to Students About Suicide and 13 Reasons Why

The teen years are a difficult time for everyone. The reality is that, for many students, the teen years can be so traumatizing that they can’t imagine the future. They simply are at the point of considering the end of their young life. Teen suicide rates have gone up and it is something that more schools need to address with their students. There are programs available to discuss the topic to help peers if they know someone who may be suicidal.

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nonverbal communication devices

Helping Nonverbal Students Connect with Electronic Devices

Imagine that you are a kindergarten child and unable to speak. There are many young children who are able to understand language, but simply unable to verbally respond. In many cases, they have the words which they need, but the processing required to get the speech out is a struggle. Speech and language pathologists work with students on this in traditional ways. The problem is that these children need to be able to communicate within classrooms and beyond. They have things to say and if they can’t get it out in one way or another, it will show in socially unacceptable behaviors. This is detrimental to the child in many ways and may make them more distant from their peers.

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comic book generator

Using Comic Generators as Tools

The number of special needs students across the United States continues to rise. The diagnoses vary from learning disabilities, autism, anxiety, and much more. School therapists are tasked with helping students to better cope with stresses in their lives so they can reach their potential in the academic classroom. Traditional therapy sessions are still used. Some children have individual times and group sessions to work on items challenging them. For many students, this includes disruptive behaviors which lead to challenges in their academic life. Some children may not open up and be willing to talk during sessions. Thankfully, schools have now found online comic generators that may be used as a tool.

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schools special ed program

Concerns that Special Education Teachers and School Therapists Must Address with Districts

Budget cuts are a major concern in school districts across the country. Schools have to do more with less money and be creative about it. There is increased alarm about cuts within the world of special education and school therapy. More students are being identified with special education needs. In addition to this, more students require different types of therapy to help their mental and physical needs within the school day and beyond. Below are three areas of concern that must be addressed within the district level by school professionals before they become a larger problem.

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college application assistance

The Role of School Counselors with the College Application Process

Seniors in high schools across the country are finalizing their decisions after a lot of research. Hours have been spent visiting different campuses and researching degrees and classes offered. Now the pressure is on to finalize options and get applications out. Since the application deadlines are looming, it means that students and families are going to be stressed. It is especially important during this time for school counselors to be focused and know how to assist their seniors.

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