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School nurses are the frontline of defense for keeping a school healthy and happy. Since the medical field is constantly evolving, it is important they stay abreast industry news. The articles, resources, and blogs found in this section will help school nurses with their careers and is a source of useful information that will help their practice.

School Nurses and Dispensing Over-the-Counter Medication

school nurse over the counter meds

The role of the school nurse continues to change all of the time. If a child comes into your office with a bug bite that itches, what do you do? Your answer will depend on the state which you live in and the laws that may limit you. In some states, you may simply wipe the bite with alcohol and give them a bandage to stop them from itching. Without a doctor’s note and parent permission, no over-the-counter medications may be dispensed during the school day. In other states, the nurse would be able to give an over-the-counter cortisone cream if a parent allows it. In Colorado, a new bill is trying to allow school nurses to train other individuals to properly dispense over-the-counter medication when needed and approved by families at home.

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