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Stop the Bleed Training for School Nurses

stop the bleed training

It is hard to think about using more than typical medical intervention and knowledge as a school nurse. The reality is that many districts are starting to require a new training for their nurses. In the horrible event of a school shooting, lives may be saved with a special one-hour Stop the Bleed course.

What is a Stop the Bleed Course?

Stop the Bleed courses were developed by the American College of Surgeons. They decided to create this course for individuals to learn bleeding control after the Sandy Hook mass shooting. They found that experience gained by battlefield medics could be used in the event of a school tragedy like Sandy Hook. Paramedics in areas are now training school nurses, community members, and others on how to use quick thinking and techniques to attempt to prevent deaths from excessive bleeding.

Bleeding is inevitable in a shooting. Experts note that if proper techniques are used to stop bleeding quickly, more lives may be saved. The goal of Stop the Bleed is to teach as many people as possible how to do this specialized first aid. Within the course, people are taught how to use tourniquets, dressings, and brute force on victims who are bleeding.

Time is Everything in an Emergency

When seconds count, it helps to have as many people as possible trained to stop the bleed. While first responders are on the way to your location, a person may lose a critical amount of blood. This means that the more people who are trained in a school the better. School nurses are the first individuals who may be not only trained but taught to be instructors. Then, the school nurses will be able to train others within the school community how to help. This may include other adults in the school building and even some teens.

In addition to this, school nurses need to make sure that their buildings are equipped with proper stop the bleed tools. While it is possible to make a tourniquet out of things you find, there are better options to have around. Medics recommend that schools and other buildings have genuine Combat Application Tourniquets. They cost about $30. The nurse’s office and other strategic areas could have these at the ready. Then, other first aid kits could have combat dressing, other another cloth, to pack wounds. This is what is needed for brute force pressure in an emergency.

Does your school have specially located bleeding control stations? Please share who has been trained in your building and what other training may have occurred after to teach more teachers, staff, and students the proper techniques.

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