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As a school psychologist, you are supporting the social, behavioral, and emotional needs of your students. This can be hard to keep up with in an ever-changing world. Find school psychology blogs here that will help you adapt with an evolving industry, provide career resources, and more!

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Best 10 Cities for Clinical, Counseling and School Psychologists in the US

The career paths available for psychologists are varied and challenging, and few careers can match the sense of meaning and responsibility being a school psychologist offers. That’s why we’re dedicated to looking at all the factors to help find the best cities for psychologists. Using wage and location data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of living statistics and student numbers in each city, we calculated the top 50 cities for clinical counseling and school psychologists in the US. We’ve listed our top 10 locations below, but, as with most job and location comparisons, there are pros and cons of being a school psychologist in each location.

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The Benefits of Having a Doctoral Degree as a School Psychologist

Becoming a school psychologist is a big decision which should not be taken lightly. As a school psychologist, you must be able be an active listener, have an understanding of social perception, and be able to solve complex problems. In addition to this, it is important to be able to negotiate, make decisions, persuade others, teach, and implement changes to improve student performance within a school setting. It isn’t simply just selecting a career choice for a school psychologist, you must also determine if you want to complete your doctoral degree.

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Starting the School Year as a New School Psychologist

Starting a new school year can be difficult--beginning the new school year as a school psychologist, even more so. Organizing your workload, getting to know your students, and assessing their needs, all while managing your time efficiently are key to starting the year off right.

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