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Sign language interpreters play an important role in school districts across the country. ProCare’s goal with these blogs is to provide up-to-date information, tips, and more for the ASL and sign language interpreter community.

sign language interpreters

Increasing Need for Sign Language Interpreters

Imagine being in a classroom where you are unable to hear what people are saying. In addition to this, you cannot communicate what you want to say to others. This reality happens to children who are deaf or hearing-impaired who have been integrated into traditional schools. School districts may have sign language interpreters who they hire for some events, but they are not always part of the school community. Part of the reason this happens is the shortage of sign language interpreters. This leaves a wide gap between the supply and demand in many settings, including schools.

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future of sign language

The Future of American Sign Language Translation

Schools work with students who have special needs to make sure they are able to communicate their needs and understand them. We work with children on this from the time they are little until the time they graduate from high school. This process can be a challenge for a variety of reasons, and it may be easier to do with some students. There are always going to be some individuals who will struggle with this and we must continue to work on ways to help them.

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sign language for apraxia

How Sign Language May Be Helpful for Children with Rare Speech Disorder

Researchers from Penn State’s College of Medicine have discovered that using sign language in conjunction with intensive speech therapy may provide better results for children with apraxia.

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