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Increasing Need for Sign Language Interpreters

sign language interpreters

Imagine being in a classroom where you are unable to hear what people are saying. In addition to this, you cannot communicate what you want to say to others. This reality happens to children who are deaf or hearing-impaired who have been integrated into traditional schools. School districts may have sign language interpreters who they hire for some events, but they are not always part of the school community. Part of the reason this happens is the shortage of sign language interpreters. This leaves a wide gap between the supply and demand in many settings, including schools.

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“How to Stop Bullying”: US Bullying Search Trends

stop bullying

More than one in five (20.8%) students report being bullied in the US every year. Reports also estimate that only 36% of kids who are bullied actually report it, so the figures are probably much higher.

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The Power of Presentation – Educator Spotlight

braille presentation

When our educators and therapists have a true passion for their field, it shows! These passionate professionals are frequently recognized at work, and occasionally encouraged to share knowledge with others. One of our phenomenal teachers of the visually impaired, Barbara T., was recently asked to do just this – share her knowledge of her field in several class presentations. Her school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) coordinator, Jennifer D., was more than willing to share her observation of Barbara's presentation, along with student and teacher reactions.

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