Fun Spring Activities for SLPs

The sun is starting to shine more, and kids are ready to have fun as we welcome spring. The winter is long and cold for many students across the country. This means they are often forced to stay indoors for speech and language sessions. Spring time allows a bit more flexibility on planning sessions which work on goals while moving things outdoors. Of course, springtime rain and chilly temperatures may force some time inside, so be sure to have some back-up plans.

Jump and Hop While You Sing

A variety of speech and language goals may be worked on while enjoying time outdoors. Each of these may be adjusted to work on whatever each student needs to practice. They may focus on articulation, pragmatics, self-confidence talking aloud, or more. For the first activity, you will need some jump ropes. Depending on the age level, you may want individual ropes, longer ones to work on together, or a Chinese jump rope for something a bit different. Jump rope rhymes and games are fun to play together. Kids can work on words while they jump. Younger kids can also practice rhyme time as they jump, or come up with as many words with the same start and end sounds while hopping.

Another fun alternative to get kids moving is hop scotch. For this you will need a space to use chalk to draw a hop scotch shape and a bean bag to toss. The twist on this is to use the numbered spaces to practice speech and language skills. If a child tosses the bean bag and it lands on the three, they have to use that number on their turn. Perhaps they have to rhyme three words with the -at ending on it. They may have to make up three sentences in a silly story. Others may use vocabulary words in three different sentences. This may easily be changed up to work with a variety of IEP goals which students are working on.

Spring Word Bingo Exploration

Walking around and using your senses is always fun to do with kids. A spring bingo game is easy enough to plan for any way when the sun is shining. Make your own bingo cards. A simple idea is to make several cards that have different things you can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. Make the cards and laminate them. Allow kids to take them outside with a dry erase marker to cross off spaces that they find. The twist with speech and language is they must take turns announcing what they found and share details about it. This is a great way to work on vocabulary and descriptive words.

For days when the weather may not be nice enough to go outside, come up with spring time fun crafts which will work with SLP goals. Think Easter, April Showers, May Flowers, and beyond. What type of spring time fun activities have you tried in the past that have worked well with your SLP students? Please share your experiences below so others may benefit and don’t forget to check our jobs page to find your next speech therapy job!

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