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Speech-language pathologists and audiologists are one of ProCare’s most commonly placed professionals. Since there is such a high demand for these school professionals we want to provide them with as many resources as we can. Check out these blogs and articles for all your speech-language pathology related news, therapy methods, technology and more.

Fun Spring Activities for SLPs

The sun is starting to shine more, and kids are ready to have fun as we welcome spring. The winter is long and cold for many students across the country. This means they are often forced to stay indoors for speech and language sessions. Spring time allows a bit more flexibility on planning sessions which work on goals while moving things outdoors. Of course, springtime rain and chilly temperatures may force some time inside, so be sure to have some back-up plans.

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Best Cities Speech Language Pathologists

The Top 10 Cities for Speech Language Pathologists

Relocating your career can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we have been investigating the best US cities for Speech-Language Pathologists to live and work. Using cost of living data and wage and location information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we calculated the top 50 cities for Speech and Language Pathologists in the US. We’ve listed our top 10 locations below and have highlighted some of their strengths and weaknesses.

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Preparing for Back to School Speech Therapy

Ready or not, it's time to get ready to go back to school in many parts of the United States. This means that now is the time to make sure that all of your plans and resources for the upcoming school year are set for when you officially begin. Although many may work with students over the summer, August or September will be a fresh start for a new school year. IEP goals will be updated, so it's important to have yourself ready for a smooth transition.

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early intervention speech therapy

The Importance of Early Speech Therapy

While early intervention services are available for children, many parents are not aware that they exist. Some day care facilities and pediatricians know about EI and are willing to recommend it to parents of children that may have developmental delays. For many, a cute speech impediment and funny talk diverts the focus away from the severity of speech and language concerns. Often times, children will get into the school system and begin kindergarten without clear speech.

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More Students Now Getting Cochlear Implants

Medical advances are changing the way that children with severe to profound hearing loss are able to participate in classrooms. The FDA started to allow children as young as a year old to receive cochlear implants in 2000. This created a shift in learning models for preschools of deaf students. In addition to this, teachers had to be more aware of how to assist the increasing number of students that were mainstreamed.

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