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Speech-language pathologists and audiologists are one of ProCare’s most commonly placed professionals. Since there is such a high demand for these school professionals we want to provide them with as many resources as we can. Check out these blogs and articles for all your speech-language pathology related news, therapy methods, technology and more.


Angry Bird is the Word for Speech and Language Goals

Angry Birds are here to stay and still extremely popular with children of all ages. The Angry Birds are not only mobile games, there are now board games, books, card games, and more. The best part of Angry Birds is that you can use items that are already out there and make them work for your speech and language sessions.

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Lack of Speech Therapists Plagues Schools

Many schools are having trouble finding enough speech language pathologists to work with their students. The increased demand for these professionals is not only within schools, but also to work with other populations. Many SLP candidates are opting to work with adults, such as those who have had strokes and veterans who may have had injuries that resulted in the loss of speech.

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Back to School Apps for Speech Language Pathologists

Back-to-School time is fast approaching. With it comes to deadlines, learning goals, and new students to meet. Technology is quickly changing the landscape of speech therapy, and there are a number of useful apps that can help make this year's back to school the best yet. Apps allow for students to get hands-on time practicing with a modern tool. Tablets can sense voice and motion, and will translate the results based on the application that they are using at the time. Here are just a few apps that can be considered crucial in the speech therapist's device lineup.

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Choosing Classroom Activities or Resources for Speech Students

Keeping students engaged and interested in today's media-saturated environment with severe budget restrictions can be a real challenge for an SLP. The budget for non-standard (and often even standard) curriculum materials in most public schools is abysmal. Fortunately, the Web offers a lot of resources, activities, and interactive educational tools that are fun and free.

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