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School’s Out for the Summer! — Continuing Education Options for School Therapists

Summer break leaves educators and therapists with a wealth of time on their hands. Putting the time to good use can be accomplished in a number of ways. Continuing or advancing your education during the summer break has never been easier. Many schools offer online classes, accelerated summer courses, and evening or weekend classes. Additional training can also be sought through certification courses, attending or giving a presentation at a conference, and more. The opportunities to expand your network and knowledge are numerous throughout the summer break.

If you’re unsure if there is a conference near you, the Internet can provide a wealth of opportunity. The 29th Annual Advances in School Nursing Conference is being held July 9-12 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The American Speech Language Schools Conference is being held July 12-14 in Long Beach, California. These are just two examples of conferences that you can attend over the break. Registration may be at a higher price the closer an event is to its date, but tickets can also be purchased on site. There are many conferences throughout the year, and oftentimes school districts will help educators to attend a conference if it will increase their knowledge or skillset.

There are many online course options to either further your degree or start earning a certification. Semester Online offers online courses from a number of well-recognized universities, and even local community colleges will offer flexible class schedules over the summer. These can often be cheaper than attending a course or certification at a more prestigious university, so doing research can help you decide which class or certificate offering will meet your needs while staying within your budget. The variety of coursework available varies based upon the school that you select, and many colleges have their course catalog available online. If you qualify for state or federal aid, such as a Pell grant, your out of pocket costs can be reduced drastically.

Getting outdoors and exploring your environment can also offer opportunities to recharge and de-stress from the hard work over the school year. Seeking out retreats, activities of interest, or participating in sports or indoor activities that you enjoy can help to reset your mental reserves and elevate your mood. Taking care of yourself over the summer break is another way that you can make the best of the summer, and set yourself up to look forward to the coming school year.

There are a wealth of personal and professional opportunities that can be taken over the summer break, and a number of avenues worth exploring. Whatever you find works for you, whether it be getting a brush up on skills by taking a Summer course, starting a new certification program, or attending a conference, the possibilities are endless. What have you found to be the best way to spend your summer vacation?

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