The Top 10 Cities for Speech Language Pathologists

Best Cities Speech Language Pathologists

Relocating your career can be a daunting prospect. That’s why we have been investigating the best US cities for Speech-Language Pathologists to live and work. Using cost of living data and wage and location information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we calculated the top 50 cities for Speech and Language Pathologists in the US. We’ve listed our top 10 locations below and have highlighted some of their strengths and weaknesses.

10. Ogden, Utah

Total score: 208

Coming in tenth on our list is Ogden, Utah. With twenty jobs per 10,000 available for Speech-Language Pathologists, and good average salaries and a low cost of living, Ogden is a great choice for this specialty.

The town offers a lot in terms of lifestyle and recreation, acting as the gateway to ski resorts including Snow Basin and Powder Mountain. There is plenty to do after work in the area, with a shopping and dining hub having grown around the historic 25th Street.


9. Cumberland, Maryland

Total score: 216

With 18 Speech and Language positions per 10,000 jobs, Cumberland’s job market is slightly smaller than Ogden’s, but the area makes up for this by its low cost of living and relatively high average salaries.

Cumberland is great for those who appreciate the outdoors. Located in the Western portion of the panhandle, between Pennsylvania and West Virginia, you will find mountain scenes and fantastic walks right on your doorstep.


8. Huntington, West Virginia

Total score: 218

Sitting on the banks of the Ohio river, in the western foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Huntington is a striking setting to launch or progress your career in Speech and Language Pathology.

With 18 Speech and Language jobs per 10,000 positions in the city, Huntington offers opportunities teamed with a lower than average cost of living.


7. Tyler, Texas

Total score: 218

Tyler inches ahead of Huntington because of the higher number of Speech and Language jobs available, with 24 per 10,000 jobs compared to Huntington’s 18.

Boasting high average salaries, Tyler has a thriving healthcare job market, with well above the average number of physicians per capita for the US. The city is particularly renowned for its stunning rose gardens, celebrated in its annual Rose Festival. Tyler has great facilities owing to an upsurge in wealth caused by an oil boom in the 1920s and is unusual for a Texan city in its striking pine woods, which offer a cooling location for walks in the area.


6. Brownsville, Texas

Total score: 240

With a low cost of living and high average salaries, Brownsville offers a great opportunity to make the most of your career. Just 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, the city enjoys warm and pleasant weather throughout the year.

The city has a vibrant community with an active event schedule, including art and music festivals, exhibitions, family fun days and more.

Top Cities Speech Language Pathologists


5. Pueblo, Colorado

Total score: 252

Located along the Arkansas River, Pueblo offers 22 jobs per 10,000 for Speech Language Pathologists, plus above-average salaries.

Pueblo is well known for its Historic Arkansas Riverwalk, marking the original location of the river before it was diverted after a 1921 flood. The walk includes boat rides, public art and events.


4. Jonesboro, Arkansas

Total score: 254

Jonesboro boasts 29 jobs for Speech Language Pathologists per 10,000 employed, which is well above average in the US. With average salaries also high, Jonesboro is a great place to make a career.

Jonesboro is a growing town, with its population having increased by over 50% since 2000. The city’s economy is also growing, with the current unemployment rate below average, and job growth still being recorded.


3. Sherman, Texas

Total score: 262

Named after the Texas Revolution General Sidney Sherman, this city has the highest Speech Pathologist job ratio in the US. There are 37 jobs for the profession for every 10,000 in the area. High wages and low cost of living mean that people who move here to work as a Speech and Language Pathologist will find their money is going further than expected.

Overall, Sherman has a strong economy with lower than average unemployment rates and job growth over the past year.


2. Gadsden, Alabama

Total score: 266

Gadsden sits on the Coosa River and is a great location if you enjoy the outdoors, with both the Noccalula Falls and James D Martin Wildlife parks on your doorstep.

Now is a great time to move to Gadsden. It’s a blossoming city, and this is reflected in its properties, with house prices having gone up 10% in the last year. There are 24 Speech Language Pathologist jobs available per 10,000 jobs in the area, and cost of living is lower than average.

1. Homosassa Springs, Florida

Total score: 270

Sitting at the top of our list, Homosassa Springs, Florida, has been rated as the number one city for Speech and Language Pathologists, according to cost of living, employment and average salary data.

The city has 28 Speech and Language Pathology jobs for every 10,000 positions in the area, and teams this with high average salaries and a low cost of living. Homosassa Springs is a small town, but one which is starting to attract more and more people, with the population growing by over 110% since 2000.

Top Cities Speech Language Pathologists



Overall ranking was calculated using Bureau of Labor Statistics data on multiple job profiles, including Speech and Language Pathologists. All available metropolitan areas were ranked by jobs per 10,000 to get an initial top 50. Each city in this top 50 was then given a percentile-based score for three different categories: number of job opportunities per 10,000 employed, average salary (adjusted for cost of living- taken from Best and cost of living – these scores combined produce an overall score and ranking.

Whether you’re interested in working in one of these recommended cities, or if you have a set location on your mind, we have opportunities all over the country that can fit your preferences! Check them out through the button below.

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