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Working on Words While Moving

hopscotch moving therapy game

During the winter months or rainy days, it can be easy to get stuck preparing lessons that have everyone sitting down. Take time to get moving and integrate some gross motor activities with a speech and language focus. Allowing kids to be active will get them actively engaged in the activity and help with motivation during the long and cold winter months.

Grab some masking tape and make a quick hopscotch board in your session space. You do not have to make it a regular boring shape. Get creative and keep the kids on their toes. Make fun patterns for them to use as they jump around and play. Inside each of the spades, you could put a letter, number, or both. Use a giant die and have the kids toss it into the hopscotch board. If it lands on the “ch” space, kids that roll a three will recite three words with that start or end sound. For an added challenge, they could use it in a question for another classmate to answer. These will be silly and fun for everyone as they move around. Change up anything to accommodate the needs of each child who is with you at a given time. Difficulty levels can easily be adjusted on the go.

Now imagine everyone waddling like penguins and jumping from one ice formation to another. This activity is easy to prepare for ahead of time and could work on fluency, articulation, letter sounds, vocabulary, and most other speech and language skills. Make giant snow/ice mound cut outs with a snowflake on them. Laminate each one so they can be used over and over. By laminating them, you will be able to use dry erase markers on them to change out the activity for each child’s needs. Scatter the ice formations around the room. Kids waddle and jump onto the first one closest to them. Have them say the word several times so everyone can hear it. Then they must hop three times and use the word in a sentence. If they use it properly, they may jump or waddle to the next spot. Older kids could be given a clue about a word and then the penguins need to hop over to the one that answers the question.

The therapist should share all of the activities with families so they are aware of what you are working on with their children.

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