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Topics that are related to helping students with the support they need. ProCare is dedicated to helping therapist and other school professionals offer students guidance on a variety of related topics.

protect students from sexual harassment

Protecting Students from Sexual Harassment and Assault

Schools are supposed to be safe havens for students of all ages. Unfortunately for some, they have become places where they are sexually harassed and assaulted. The #MeToo social media campaign for women included many incidences from current and former students who have been victimized in a school setting. The purpose of the #MeToo campaign is to empower women and remind them that they should not be embarrassed to share their stories. Many adults noted that they still felt guilty about not reporting the events when they happened. They worry that they gave more power to their perpetrator to hurt additional victims.

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school lockdown

Helping Children Understand Lockdown Drills

The world that we live in is changing each and every day. Lockdown drills are something which we may not have practiced a decade ago. With the increase in school shootings and general violence, districts have had to react. Lockdown drills are back and a reality in most schools throughout the United States. The reaction is not meant to scare children, but to prepare and protect them in the event of an emergency.

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traumatized child

Helping Students Who Are Traumatized

Schools are no longer places where students go to simply learn academic areas of study. Schools must also assist children with their social and emotional well-being. In the past, schools have had some social workers and psychologists who worked with them from time to time. Now there is a large demand for school therapists of all kinds. Often, there are not enough professionals to keep up with the demand. Why? One of the big reasons is the increase in children who come to school who have experienced severe trauma.

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stop bullying

“How to Stop Bullying”: US Bullying Search Trends

More than one in five (20.8%) students report being bullied in the US every year. Reports also estimate that only 36% of kids who are bullied actually report it, so the figures are probably much higher.

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knee injuries

Additional Help for Students with Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are quite common among students in schools. Many of these happen while participating in sports like soccer, football, track, wrestling, and others. While these injuries may happen on the field, the impact continues throughout the day. If a student is in pain, has limited mobility, or is unable to participate in physical education classes with their peers, it can weigh on their lives. Twisting a knee during an activity can change their life in ways that they may not understand. It is important to be open to listening to these teens and hearing how an injury has altered their life. Help them get any frustrations about the injury out.

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