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Topics that are related to helping students with the support they need. ProCare is dedicated to helping therapist and other school professionals offer students guidance on a variety of related topics.

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Focus on Motor Skills with Students with Disabilities

Participating in sports is a dream that many children have. Unfortunately, some children with disabilities are unable to get involved in some sports because of motor deficits. While early intervention and services will help many children, it does not fix everything for many children. Students of all ages may continue to receive physical and occupational therapy sessions within the school day. This time allows them to work on skills that are needed to help them be safe and do work within an academic day.

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backpack safety

Teaching Backpack Safety to Students

A must-have supply for kids as they head back to school is a backpack. This bag is the key to students getting all of their supplies and homework to and from school. One problem these days is that kids are not following backpack safety, and many are getting hurt. The school nurse and physical therapist need to help and educate everyone within schools on proper backpack wearing. This will help to ensure that there are less injuries and visits to the health office. If children are in pain from their backpack, then they will miss instruction or have trouble concentrating.

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Ensuring Special Needs Students’ Right to Appropriate Education and Treatment

As professionals who work with special needs students, it is important to understand the right each child has to an appropriate education. Not only do we need to address the academic needs of these students, but also their social and emotional well being.

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Group Therapy for Teens Within High Schools

The teen years are a difficult time for many students. These problems within their life often surface in school and hinder learning and academic success. There are a variety of reasons why this happens for many during these years. Of course, schools also know that reaching out to these individuals is especially important. If teens are ignored they may regress, check out, and possibly worse.

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Educating Students and Families about the Importance of Vaccinations

Vaccinations are a hot topic and have been for a long time for many reasons. Schools and nurses across the country continue to be watching from the sidelines in many cases. No matter what, they must keep up with the state laws regarding required vaccines for students. The legalities vary from state to state, which is why school nurses must know the requirements for the age groups and students they work with.

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