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Topics that are related to helping students with the support they need. ProCare is dedicated to helping therapist and other school professionals offer students guidance on a variety of related topics.


Student Athletes and Sports Injury Recovery

Students participate in many sports during their academic careers. Over this time, injuries may happen and require families to seek out the assistance of sports medicine professionals. The reality is that as the focus of sports has moved to year round, rather than seasonal, and the number of injuries has risen significantly. High school athletes alone account for approximately two million injuries each year. This means that school occupational therapists, physical therapists, and nurses will need to coordinate on assisting athletes in their rehabilitation process.

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Helping Students Process Anger

Students of all grade levels can be in need of help processing negative feelings. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Whether through writing, art therapy, or sensory therapy, helping students to connect with and work through their emotions in a healthy manner is a critical part of a school therapist's daily routine. Throughout the day, a therapist may see a number of students, ranging in age from younger children to more independent preteens and teenagers.

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Reaching Out to the Parents of the Children You Treat When the Parents Have Issues Too

Parents suffering from mental health issues may not realize the impact that their illness has on their children. These children can experience an impaired quality of life, academic challenges, and social challenges as they navigate the daily interactions with their peers. Certain factors that can make children more susceptible to these poor outcomes include living in an abusive home, domestic violence within their living environment, and a genetic history of mental illness.

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Retaining Information Over Summer Break

One of the most common problems students face over the course of their educational careers is the loss of skills and knowledge over extended summer breaks, sometimes known as "summer slide." This is especially difficult for students who are already struggling academically and may not be receiving support services when school is not in session.

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