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Working on the Bullying Epidemic in Schools

school bullying

Students across the country are fighting an epidemic which is very different these days. They are dealing with bullying. Gone are the days of simply being called names and pestered in gym class. Now kids of all ages are able to use social media to keep the bullying front strong. Kids may post a photo or video to embarrass another. They may start a rumor on Facebook tagging large groups of other students in the school. The reality is this can be hard for kids to handle.

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Empowering Kindness Over Bullying

kindness over bullying

Bullying is one of the biggest problems that schools across the country face across all age levels. Most children can tell you a time that they were bullied before they go to middle school. The frequency of the incidents increases as students enter their teen years. While it is easy to state that you have a no tolerance policy for bullying, more needs to be done. School counselors and social workers need to work together to empower students to spread kindness over bullying.

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“How to Stop Bullying”: US Bullying Search Trends

stop bullying

More than one in five (20.8%) students report being bullied in the US every year. Reports also estimate that only 36% of kids who are bullied actually report it, so the figures are probably much higher.

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The Importance of Character Education

character education

Schools across the country are struggling with an epidemic. This epidemic is nothing new, yet it seems to be intensifying in recent years. What is it? It’s bullying others within the school. This may be because a child looks different, acts different, or something else completely unrelated. Many times, it may be due to their cultural or religious beliefs, or perhaps their sexual identification. Whatever the reason, bullying is indeed an epidemic that teachers and other school professionals are witnessing more than ever before in US schools. Thanks to this, many students have a difficult time concentrating in the classrooms and many report feeling uncomfortable and even not welcomed because of the lack of support.

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Are Things Better for LGBTQ Teens Today?


The statistics about bullying in schools today are staggering. Reports which show that nearly three-quarters of all teens have been on the receiving end of harassment, bullying, or torment are hard to imagine. This is happening in middle and high schools across the country. Many of these students include those that identify themselves as part of the LGBTQ community. Programs to help LBGTQ students in school have grown over the last decade; the question is whether or not they have helped this segment of the population.

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