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The Importance of Social and Emotional Skills

social emotional skills

There are many new challenges for younger children in our schools. Some may be able to use self-taught coping strategies to work through them. Other students may not be able to do this as easily. These children require additional support in social and emotional skills. Some schools have sought to adopt programs which will help students to learn these skills before heading into middle school.

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Welcoming All Students to Therapy

welcome students to therapy

Imagine going to a group therapy session at school and feeling alone. This may be the way that some students perceive their participation in the group. Why? For some, it may be that they are ethnically unique. Others may be from another country and not comfortable speaking English. Some other students may have a different gender identity or have special needs. Any, all, or other factors could make a tween or teen feel out of place when they are asked to participate in a group therapy session.

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Does Your School Offer Group Therapy for Teens?


Students that have trouble at school may benefit from group therapy. Group therapy may help students to vent their anxiety and frustrations to peers that can relate to them. Group therapy may not be covered by a student's IEP or 504 plan, which can present difficulties for therapists that are attempting to construct a therapy group. Certain students may be able to attend group therapy according to their IEP, and therapists can construct group meetings around student study halls or periods of inactivity during the school day. School day therapy can be scheduled before or after school for students that may benefit from a group environment.

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