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Extracurricular Activities for Deaf High School Students

high school deaf students

The high school years are often challenging for students. They are attempting to find their own place in the world and may not know what they want to do after graduation. Some teens are able to hone in on activities which are interesting and make them happy through extracurricular opportunities. These may be after school sports or clubs. Most schools offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities ranging from writing for the newspaper, acting, art, robotics, foreign languages, and more. This is great for most teens, but what about those with special needs?

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Working With High School Students on the Future


The role of the high school guidance counselor has changed a lot in recent years. Counselors have a large numbers of students that they must coordinate with. The national average is over 450 students per counselor, and many have up to 1,000. High school counselor responsibilities grow each year. They continue to plan student schedules over their four years. In addition to this, they are often the ones who fix schedule conflicts and field questions from family members at home.

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