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The Importance of Parent Advocates for Special Needs Families

parent advocate

Going to a meeting at school can be intimidating for many families. Now imagine how it feels for the parents of a child with special needs. They go into a room filled with teachers, administrators, and therapists of all kinds. Many may be new to this process after a new diagnosis. They can easily feel overwhelmed and unprepared. They may not understand what is being said to them. This can add to their stress and make them feel like outsiders in the IEP or other meetings taking place.

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The Importance of Fidgets for Kids in School

fidget spinner

The popularity of fidget spinners and fidget cubes has helped many Americans to understand the importance of fidgets. The problem right now is that many schools have had to ban the spinners because kids are bringing them in, trading them, and causing distractions during the academic day. Schools with bans have noted that they must do this because they are being used at inappropriate times and causing safety concerns. The reality is that if these gadgets are used properly within the classroom, many students with different needs would benefit.

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Parents Fight for Proper Services for Their Children

parents advocating

The need for proper services for all children is important in the world of education. This is especially true for those with special needs. A growing concern of parents is that their children may not be receiving the right level of support services. Each state has a protocol for special education referrals. It is critical for special education teachers and other therapists working in schools to understand this process. When working with students, they need to know how to advocate with the family for what the child requires to be most successful in the least restrictive learning environment. If a request is made, there is a time period in which school districts must address the concern, test, and report back to families.

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Changes in School-Based Occupational Therapy

changes school based occupational therapy

Shortages in many different school therapy careers have caused children in need to be put on long wait lists to receive services. Schools often have a hard time keeping enough therapists hired to coordinate individual sessions with students. Since this is not new and is a growing concern, many schools and districts are looking for ways to support children with special needs in schools.

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The Case for Continuing Autism Therapy Throughout School


Early intervention is crucial in helping children that are diagnosed with autism. Many programs and insurance providers allow for intensive therapy for children to participate in prior to starting school. Research has shown that this helps children to better cope with their neurological differences and to develop skills that they will need when they begin kindergarten.

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