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Putting More Counselors in Schools

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It is no secret that counselors in schools have a large number of students under their care. In addition to working with these students, they have paperwork and a variety of other mandatory work. The problem in recent years is that there simply are not enough counselors to care for the day to day needs of students. Kids and teens in middle and high school are in more need of help.

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The Need for School Based Therapy

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Students across the country are experiencing an increase in mental health concerns. Those working in schools know that outside health concerns of a child impact their day to day academic learning. While the ideal situation may have been for children to head to a doctor or therapist outside of the school day, the reality is it can’t always happen. This is why many schools are leaning toward a school-based therapy approach. With guardian permission, kids are able to work with healthcare professionals to get needed therapy within the school day. Taking therapists out of their clinics and putting them into school makes it more affordable and convenient.

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Increasing Mental Health Assistance in Schools

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Imagine sitting in a classroom unable to concentrate on your work. You don’t want to bang your pencil on your desk, but you are doing it. Then you are told to stop it and get to work. Your reaction is to scream no and rip up your paper. You act out because you are upset, but the truth is that you don’t know what is going on. This is the reality for many children in schools throughout the United States. The National Institute of Mental Health recently noted that one in five kids in our country has or has had a debilitating mental health disorder. At any given time, a classroom will have children who are unaware that they have ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, or another mental health disorder.

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Focusing More on Mental Health Therapy in Schools

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When you step into a school in the United States, things have changed a lot over the last decade or so. Many students are coming into the classrooms with mental health concerns that desperately need to be addressed. If these concerns are not attended to, many students will be unable to reach their highest potential academically. What may require some assistance at school? A child may be living in a home where they do not know when the next meal will be coming. Other kids arrive with no social skills and are unable to work with others. Additional children may be suffering from traumatic events that have taken place in their lives.

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Much to do about the Increasing Mental Health Needs of Students

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Schools across the United States are seeing an increased number of students with mental health needs. While the focus on academic achievement has increased, educational professionals have noted that outside influences may be affecting what happens in the classroom. Districts are taking more time to investigate issues that are causing stress from outside academics. They are paying close attention to social, emotional, and cultural issues that impact the kids and their mental health.

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