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Putting More Counselors in Schools

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It is no secret that counselors in schools have a large number of students under their care. In addition to working with these students, they have paperwork and a variety of other mandatory work. The problem in recent years is that there simply are not enough counselors to care for the day to day needs of students. Kids and teens in middle and high school are in more need of help.

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Increasing the Number of School Counselors

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School counselors will tell you that they often have very little time to meet with and talk to students. It isn’t that there are fewer kids and reasons for them to meet. The opposite is probably true. Many counselors have over 300 students who they are responsible for. A big part of the problem for counselors is that they have state and federal paperwork to complete which is mandated. Of course, federal funding is not allocated to schools to budget for more counselors. All of this must be done at the local level. School boards and administrators must budget the needed professionals into their schools.

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Empowering Kindness Over Bullying

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Bullying is one of the biggest problems that schools across the country face across all age levels. Most children can tell you a time that they were bullied before they go to middle school. The frequency of the incidents increases as students enter their teen years. While it is easy to state that you have a no tolerance policy for bullying, more needs to be done. School counselors and social workers need to work together to empower students to spread kindness over bullying.

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The Role of School Counselors with the College Application Process

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Seniors in high schools across the country are finalizing their decisions after a lot of research. Hours have been spent visiting different campuses and researching degrees and classes offered. Now the pressure is on to finalize options and get applications out. Since the application deadlines are looming, it means that students and families are going to be stressed. It is especially important during this time for school counselors to be focused and know how to assist their seniors.

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