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Helping Students Who Are Traumatized

traumatized child

Schools are no longer places where students go to simply learn academic areas of study. Schools must also assist children with their social and emotional well-being. In the past, schools have had some social workers and psychologists who worked with them from time to time. Now there is a large demand for school therapists of all kinds. Often, there are not enough professionals to keep up with the demand. Why? One of the big reasons is the increase in children who come to school who have experienced severe trauma.

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Working Through School Phobias

school phobia

What do you do when you have a student who is scared of school? School phobias are a reality for many students, and it’s important for school therapists and teachers to be able to help. Children with school phobias may be in preschool, elementary, middle, or high school. The key is recognizing when they have a school phobia and working with the child and their families to relieve the fears.

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Transgender Support with School Therapists

support for transgender students

In recent months, there has been a lot of attention on transgender individuals and their rights throughout the United States. No matter how you feel about the issue, students within schools are currently dealing with their gender identity and what it means to them. This can lead to confusion, depression, anxiety, and more. Many times they may act out and be unsure of a person they can talk to. School therapists must be ready and willing to help their students.

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More Power Needed for School Therapists to Prevent School Shootings

stop gun violence in schools

Gun violence at school is a reality that many of us are all too aware of. We see news reports about students getting guns and going to schools with detailed plans to hurt others. This harsh reality means that those working within schools and interacting with students have to be hyper vigilant. All teachers, therapists, and individuals in the schools have to listen carefully to what kids are saying around them. What would you do if a student comes up to you and says that they wish they had a gun to shoot people at school? Do you know what is legally required based on your job and the state that you live in? These are all questions that must be answered by educational therapists and others now before it is too late.

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Therapists Can Save Lives, Prevent Some School Shootings


School therapists work hard to gain trust via strong relationships with the children and young adults that they counsel. Over time, as they are working on goals and coping strategies, many individuals will open up about topics that are bothering them beyond the school community. Of course, they can also share social and emotional concerns that they have at school.

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