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Therapy Beyond the School Day

therapy at home

Summer is not the only when therapists have to be concerned about kids regressing. The reality is that kids have busy lives and may not remember to practice skills they have been working on outside of the school day. There are many different ways to work on this for all therapy session types. The key is starting this at the beginning of the school year and being consistent.

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The Importance of Social and Emotional Skills

social emotional skills

There are many new challenges for younger children in our schools. Some may be able to use self-taught coping strategies to work through them. Other students may not be able to do this as easily. These children require additional support in social and emotional skills. Some schools have sought to adopt programs which will help students to learn these skills before heading into middle school.

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Exploring Culinary Therapy

culinary therapy

There are some people who may find cooking to be a daily chore that stresses them. At the same time, others not only enjoy preparing food, but feel it is therapeutic. Research has shown that these individuals are wise in noting therapeutic benefits. Culinary therapy is becoming more popular all over the country, including in our schools. What is culinary therapy, you ask? It is a form of therapy which includes cooking and related activities like gardening, meal planning, educational grocery shopping, and experience in restaurants. Programs are run by chefs and/or therapists.

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Play Areas for Kids with all Abilities

play area for kids with disabilities

Play is an extremely important part of childhood. Children learn though play when they are inside and outside. Developmentally speaking, play leads to kids increasing their social skills, gross motor abilities, tuning fine motor skills, and much more. Schools typically have a playground at the elementary school level. Playgrounds are a nice place for kids to exert energy, socialize, and also work on therapy goals. Teachers will take their classes outside and so can physical therapists and others. The problem facing many schools is that their playground equipment is not accessible to all of their students. Kids with disabilities may not be able to utilize the space safely on their own or with assistance. Many communities are now looking to solve this dilemma so all children will be able to use the playground together.

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