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Supporting Students Who are Twice-Exceptional Learners

twice exceptional learners

Schools have a wide spectrum of students who are served under the Special Education umbrella. Many times, we assume that this only includes children who have academic needs because they are falling behind in the classroom. The reality is that kids qualify for 504 Plans and Individual Education Plans needs based on academic, social, and emotional needs. It is not simply due to academic concerns.

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Parents Fight for Proper Services for Their Children

parents advocating

The need for proper services for all children is important in the world of education. This is especially true for those with special needs. A growing concern of parents is that their children may not be receiving the right level of support services. Each state has a protocol for special education referrals. It is critical for special education teachers and other therapists working in schools to understand this process. When working with students, they need to know how to advocate with the family for what the child requires to be most successful in the least restrictive learning environment. If a request is made, there is a time period in which school districts must address the concern, test, and report back to families.

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The Importance of Social Workers in Schools

school social worker

If you ask someone what a social worker's job is within a school, they may not be able to fully answer the question. The fact is that the role of the school social worker has changed drastically in the last decade or two, In the past, there may have been a shared social worker that went to a variety of schools within a district. Now, more schools see the need to have their own dedicated social worker on hand for the entire school day. In some areas, one social worker is not enough for the student population and they may need to hire additional contracted clinicians.

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Changes in School-Based Occupational Therapy

changes school based occupational therapy

Shortages in many different school therapy careers have caused children in need to be put on long wait lists to receive services. Schools often have a hard time keeping enough therapists hired to coordinate individual sessions with students. Since this is not new and is a growing concern, many schools and districts are looking for ways to support children with special needs in schools.

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Classroom Based Autism Therapy

classroom based autism therapy

April is Autism Awareness month. This time of year reminds us of the need to find therapy options that work for all of our autistic students. Each child is different and some therapy approaches that work for one student may not work for another. Often times, therapists find a model that works well, but when combined with another therapy, shows even greater potential. Children living with autism often go though many different types of therapies from the time they are toddlers and beyond. Much of it works on social skills, sensory integration, and speech.

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