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Self-Advocacy for Special Needs Students

student self advocate

Throughout their academic lives, special needs students will have individuals who are advocates for them. This may include teachers, administrators, therapists, counselors, and family members. They often work together at meetings to discuss what plan will be best for the upcoming school year. It is important to allow students to become a self-advocate. This may look different for each student, but it needs to happen. School counselors, special education teachers, and other trusted individuals must help students to work on these skills as they mature.

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Are Schools Doing Enough for Special Needs Students?

special needs students

When working with special needs students, it is important to be in communication with their families. Together you make up a team who will work on making sure the individual child has the resources that they need to be successful in school and beyond. Of course, it is not always this simple. The problem stems from one question. How does one determine what is the proper amount of support for a student with special needs?

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Theater Therapy for Special Needs Students

theater therapy

School can be difficult for many children, especially as they enter middle and high school age. Add in the fact that a child may have special needs, and it can make it even harder for them to fit in with their classmates. Socializing with peers is not easy for many kids who have social anxiety, autism, another medical diagnosis, or are out of the classroom for multiple therapy sessions during the school week. While traditional therapy may be beneficial for them, many children will gain skills through theater therapy.

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Changes in School-Based Occupational Therapy

changes school based occupational therapy

Shortages in many different school therapy careers have caused children in need to be put on long wait lists to receive services. Schools often have a hard time keeping enough therapists hired to coordinate individual sessions with students. Since this is not new and is a growing concern, many schools and districts are looking for ways to support children with special needs in schools.

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Preparing Special Needs Students for Real World Success

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Graduation is an exciting time for students, and rightly so; high school students begin looking forward to graduation at the start of their senior year. For students with special needs, graduation is an accomplishment that is not to be underestimated. For therapists and special education teams, tracking a student’s progress toward this goal requires cooperation from the student, their teachers, and their parents. The student’s IEP should reflect clearly defined goals that a student can reach to ascertain their progress toward a diploma. In some cases, schools may award a certificate of IEP outlining that a student has met their IEP goals, but not completed the requirements for a diploma. The decision to let a student depart high school without having received a diploma is discussed heavily by all team members involved in the student’s education.

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